The bay laurel — source of beauty


Laurus nobilis wellness uitvoeringThe bay laurel is not only an aromatic plant but has also been valued for thousands of years for its cleansing properties. The bay laurel was even a product that helped launch today’s cosmetics industry: laurel oil is the essential ingredient in the world’s first solid soap, the more than 1,000-year-old “Mother of All Soaps” — Aleppo soap — whose quality is rated by its laurel oil content.

Our Wellness theme makes the cosmetic properties and applications of the bay laurel stand out.

The laurel is placed in a fashionable, natural, handmade pot, which in its shape, colour and material evokes the Levant. It has a grey-green colour scheme and the ‘beauty’ element is reinforced by the label and associated poster.

The QR code on the label takes you to a dedicated section of our special consumer website: this mobile site instantly gives the consumer, even while still on the shop floor, copious details on the background, applications and care of the laurel. If the consumer wishes, he can click through to photos or video clips. Naturally, there is a separate QR code for each language, ensuring that the consumer will be directed to the right page first time.

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