Victor-Tree Collection


p1723victortree Our modern sporting events can trace their origins back to the ancient Greek Panhellenic Games. Athletes did not compete for money or possessions, rather they sought a wreath and eternal fame.

Each tournament had its own wreath which was crafted from the branches of a special tree. The most appealing of these were the laurel and olive wreaths which were made from trees for the victors.

The most famous wreath is the laurel wreath which was awarded as first prize for the Pythian Games. These games were held in Delphi and were dedicated to the god Apollo.
More than two thousand years later, laurel wreaths are still the universal symbol of victory and how better to honour our own champions than with bay laurel!

The olive wreath was the prize of the Olympic Games. Champions received a wreath made from the branches of the olive tree that grew in the temple complex at Olympia. This olive tree is said to have been planted by the hero Hercules, who, according to tradition, founded the Games.

The Victors’ Tree Collection breathes new life into this ancient custom. It is a mix of bay laurel, presented in a specially designed pot and enhanced with extensive information printed on labels and banners, and calls to life the feeling of being a true champion.

The Victors’ Tree Collection is available in an accessible 17cm pot and an exclusive 23cm pot. These items are also available in 12 languages.

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