Story Telling


Laurus nobilis storytelling uitvoeringBay laurel is not merely a tree, it is a plant that has held a special place in society since the dawn of civilisation. Bay laurel is the topic of stories across cultures from every period of history, so there is more than merely a story behind the plant. And there is more than just one story to tell; there are many.

This theme highlights only a few of the legendary stories in which bay laurel plays the lead role. Beginning in ancient China, we move through the Greek and Roman periods, the Renaissance and the time of the Russian Tsars before finally settling in our own time. The consumer gets to know bay laurel as a truly noble tree.

Each label contains two stories and there are three different labels in total. The labels are delivered mixed.

The Storytelling theme can be provided in any pot size. It is especially suitable for garden centres, as well as for the upper end of the DIY centre segment.

This theme can be sold year-round. The black pots and the gold/black XL labels and banner are not restricted to any particular season.

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