Laurus nobilis easter

Laurus nobilis easter

The Easter theme offers the opportunity to highlight bay laurels in a different way: not as a traditional, expensive, exclusive plant, but more as a contemporary, affordable and special one.

Bay laurel is connected to the Easter celebration in various ways. To begin with, the eternally green bay laurel symbolises the resurrection of Christ and eternal life.

Additionally, bay laurel was a source of inspiration for Peter Carl Fabergé as he was designing one of his famous Easter eggs for the Russian Tsar. And this is what we based our Easter theme on.

It is intended for garden centres and top DIY centres. The Easter theme is, of course, intended for spring.

Many clients greatly appreciated the combination of the mint-green pots and the complementary labels and banner, and wanted to extend the selling period beyond Easter. It is for these clients that we developed the Quality Takes Time theme.

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