Laurus nobilis, NoëlLong before the beginning of the modern era, bay laurel was used as decoration during the Celtic and Germanic midwinter festivals. Bay laurel, which is always green, symbolised the rebirth of nature and the beginning of a new circle of life. Today, we still decorate our homes with evergreen branches and plants and bay laurel has received a special place amongst them. Not only is it a traditional decorative plant, it is also a valuable gift.

As long as the temperature does not drop below freezing, bay laurel can be kept outdoors, or if it does freeze, then in the home or living room. Its red pot, the unique golden-coloured stalk decoration and the festive label complete the Christmas feel.

Products from the 20cm (5L) pot range are primarily used in the Christmas theme. These plants are in a price category that is appealing to the upper end of the gift market. Within the Christmas theme, the plants can also be delivered in 25cm (10L) pots on request.

Bay laurel plants traditionally sell well as Christmas presents in countries with Anglo-Saxon heritage and in recent years, there has been increasing demand from other European countries.

The Christmas theme is available from autumn.

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