p714aromatischBay laurel is famous for its aromatic qualities. Bay leaf can be used fresh to season meat, soup, vegetables, pasta sauces, or rice dishes. The most well-known use for bay laurel is as part of a classic bouquet garni.

Keeping a small bay laurel plant in the kitchen will ensure fresh bay leaves every day. Bay laurels in small-sized pots (7 to 14cm) are available for the herb trade and are provided with a stake label that emphasises the plant’s Provençal feel. Seedlings, as well as plants propagated from cuttings, are available.

Bay laurel for the kitchen that has been propagated from cuttings is available practically year-round. Seedlings are only available from September until mid April.
The Aromatic theme can also be combined with other themes by loading one or two layers under the other themed mixes.

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