Peat free

When extracting peat, which is used for substrates, a lot of CO2 is released and peat will eventually run out. The chain is therefore trying to reduce the use of peat in various ways. We (Gova) grow our bay trees in a 100% peat-free substrate: 100% peat free Laurus Nobilis.

Fibers from local crops or residual flows from local production are used. We are already able to fill retail orders 100% peat-free for 3 years and we are leading the market with our multi-year 100% peat-free cultivation. We actively share our knowledge about peat-free cultivation with other growers. Practical tests are underway with growers in Zundert (outdoor tree nursery), Westland (greenhouse horticulture) and Boskoop (indoor tree nursery).

We describe peat as follows: peat is a ‘carefree’ fiber, on which the grower could always blindly rely. With peat-free fibers, growers will have to do more sampling, analysis, fertilization and watering. In short, growers will have to put in more effort. Our practical tests and experiences help with this.

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Our 100% peat free Laurus Nobilis is competing for the 2023 Greenovation Award. Do you think our product should win?

The presentation of the Greenovation Award 2023 will take place at the Trade Fair Aalsmeer on Tuesday, November 7 from 5 p.m. in the Trade Fair Theater. We’d love to see you there!

General info can be found on the website of the Greenovation Award 2023

Sustainable products are increasingly the norm: international consumers expect sustainability. Growers and traders are increasingly aware of the importance of this. Royal FloraHolland stimulates innovation and sustainability in the chain and has therefore created the Greenovation Award. Royal FloraHolland thus offers an additional platform for sustainable developments.

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