In 1995, forward-thinking growers saw a bright future in which growers took control. They wanted to create a brand of unparalleled quality, with a wide range that would inspire. Offering something for everyone, but only top quality – they were not interested in less.

A strong cooperative

From this notion emerged Decorum, the first premium brand in floriculture, bringing together over 50 growers in a strong cooperative. Only the finest and best flowers and plants – grown sustainably – are marketed under the Decorum brand. This fulfills our mission: making consumers happy with beautiful flowers and plants. Flowers that celebrate happiness, but also flowers that offer comfort in difficult times. And plants that spark joy, as well as those that contribute to a healthy living environment.

Added value

For Gova, the Decorum membership provides real added value. Check out our page on the Decorum website where you will find all the care tips about bay laurel and where you (as a private individual) can order bays.

All Decorum growers work together not just in sales, but also in procurement, certification, sustainability, HR and tackling other entrepreneurial challenges.