Our total range is fairly extensive. Even though we only cultivate one product, Laurus nobilis, we strive to provide our clients with a complete package. The basic range naturally consists of bay laurel for in the kitchen, as well as the classic “standard” and “pyramid”. There are also other unique shapes and exclusive sizes available. 

In principle, our range of bay laurels is available from mid-August to June of the following year. You can download a list of the products in our general range as an Excel file.

We feel it is important to speak to clients and consumers in their own languages wherever possible. For this reason, a bureau specialising in the horticultural sector has translated all our relevant company and sales-concept information. Currently, this information is available in 19 languages.

Product availability is limited during the summer months because this is when the plants are growing and they cannot always be transported. If you would like to know which products are currently available, please contact us for a list.
In addition to our standard range, we also maintain a collection of specially shaped and sized products. If you are looking for something unique, please do not hesitate .